All our beers are produced using natural methods, without  additives, not pasteurized or sorted, avoiding in this way to remove most of the aromatic substances present, making a careful product to consumer health. In fact, the beers produced are characterized by a high presence of B vitamins (including folic acid, useful for the absorption of iron in the blood) of natural antioxidants such as polyphenols and natural yeasts that help the intestine and prevent the feeling bloated. The fermentation process used is that of high fermentation with selected yeast strains. We provide raw materials from top-quality and experienced suppliers. Much care and attention is paid to the choice of hops using those pellets and flower. The beers after a first fermentation and subsequent maturation in fermenters / tank,  move to a  second fermentation,n in the bottle by a special technique.

The beer increases the density of the bones

Several studies have shown that the beer has a high silicon content, which helps muscles and bones to connect and increases bone density. Especially the dark beer, thanks to the high content of hops. So it can be said that a moderate consumption of dark beer helps to prevent osteoporosis.

Beer can improve cholesterol levels

According to some researchers, the consumption of beer favors the presence of HDL cholesterol (also known as "good cholesterol") in our body. Up to two beers a day, therefore,  we can have a positive impact on cholesterol levels in the blood.

The beer can reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases

According to a public study made by researchers of Harvard University, more than 100 studies have shown a correlation between a moderate beer consumption and the reduction of the risks of heart attacks between 25 and 40%. So if you want to have a healthy heart, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a cold beer every now and then to dinner.

The beer can reduce the risks of diabetes

Comparative studies have shown a relationship between moderate alcohol consumption and a lower risk for type 2 diabetes US researchers have shown that those who drink up to 300 ml of beer per day, runs less risk of contracting this type of disease.

Beer can prevent kidney stones

No one would wish kidney stones, even to our worst enemy! Fortunately, studies have shown that the risk of having kidney stones is reduced by up to 40% if you drink a bottle of beer every day.

Beer protects us from dementia

It might sound strange at first: use alcohol to fight dementia. But the famous xanthohumol can also help us to prevent oxidative stress, one of the most important causes of the onset of dementia in the elderly. In addition, the beer (in moderate quantities) can keep your brain in shape until old age.



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strong ale


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The basic ingredients of beer are four, but must be of excellent quality to get a good product, healthy and natural.




Its function is to stretch the foam, to clarify the mixture of malt and water, preventing the proliferation of bacteria that spoil or ruin the conservation and also gives the beer its characteristic bitter taste that.


The water represents 95% of the beer and affects the taste and the production process.


It is the last element to be added, giving more flavor and is essential for fermentation (high fermentation process for our beers).


It is the main element in the production of beer. The barley is transformed by the malt. The mixture of the various and different  types of malt give substance to the beer, while its color characterizes the final product: the beer.

In 1947, an insect  introduced himself into a personal computer, causing unexpected results, 70 years after the Bug Beer breaks into the world of craft beers proposing a different drink, easy to drink, smooth, simple, but not trivial.

The idea to start the craft brewing born in 2012, brainchild by some founders, fans in the industry, who have started using "homemade" methods, such as plastic fermenter.


The beer produced, according to the tasters friends, was not so “buggy”, but for years the idea to market this project, was  stopped at home. The beer was just a hobby. Produce it looked like something crazy and absurd that it remains a utopia.


Only recently, thanks and through the strong constitution of "Bug Beer Co. ', and most of all with  the collaboration of  a friend with a high  experience in  homebrewer,( the alchemist who puts his soul into the beer it produces), and of course a professional taster U.D.B. by 2015 it was decided to realize this dream, bringing it to reality.  Entering in a serious and professional market.


The enthusiasm and skills are not lacking. The project is to propose a craft beer that leads the consumer to enjoy the taste of drinking well and natural.

Nothing is left to chance. Every step and all stages of processing are made with care; from the selection of malts to the final bottling stage. We are inspired by the various brewing traditions, but above all to our personal tastes, trying to reinterpret or invent new beers.


We try to produce without mental limitation of the "style" of reference, bringing a different touch to every beer, towards a development which goes beyond the simple beverage.


The icon of the Bug Beer is a stylized hop reminiscent of an insect. The term Bug, in fact, literally translated means "little bug" and is used in computer jargon to indicate programming anomalies, unexpected behavior or at least different from the usual ones.


Away from the routine of industrial beer. Ready to meet the ambitious and sophisticated tastes of true connoisseurs, but also of those who make a beer mug a simple moment of socialization.


Bug Beer S.r.l.

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Bug Beer is a Beer Firm. The beers are produced, following our recipes, at the Birrificio Irpino di Avellino and the Birrificio Lievito e Nuvole of Avella (Av)